About Dorsia Speakeasy BBQ

In the movie/book "American Psycho" we follow a group of characters whose life revolves around dining at the most trendy of NYC restaurants. Throughout the story, a particular restaurant called “Dorsia” is repeatedly referenced. Even though this restaurant is never shown in any scene in the movie, “Dorsia” is an almost unattainable mythical place. The characters can never obtain a reservation or even yet will brag or lie that they have a reservation at 8:30 on Friday night. It is akin to the Garden of Eden or Never Never Land to these trendy restaurant-goers. 

But if you read deeper into the story, did “Dorisa” really exist? Was it possible that this amazing restaurant wasn't real and was just rumored? Or was it so secret, that you had to know someone that knew someone that knew your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate to get a reservation.

From this idea, the creation of “Dorsia Speakeasy BBQ” was formed.

“Dorsia Speakeasy BBQ" is a vision I have for a restaurant a long time in the making.

- A Secret location with unknown available dates.

- Amazing World Class BBQ served at a specific time controlled by the Chef/Pit Master.

- Every seat is a chef's tables experience.

- No customization (SoupNazi Style from Seinfeld)

- Always Live Music & Great people.

- Perfectly paired whiskey and beer

To me, BBQ is an experience between the Pitmaster & the person taking that first bite. It takes days to prepare with 100’s of variables to deal with and every detail must go as planned for this otherworldly cuisine to happen. BBQ is the true American Cuisine that can be compared on some levels to French Cooking. 

Pain & Sacrifice is an important part of the BBQ process

Barbecue is essential taking tough cuts of meat and through the alchemy of wood, fire, smoke, time, and most importantly passion turning that into something otherworldly, it's much harder than it looks.

"I'm Thinking Dorsia" video from American Psycho